Arrived in Dingle!

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The sun shines; I have my family around me.

Not going for a walk this morning is a bit weird.

Yesterday, I walked around 20 miles, one of the longest walks of the past month.

Top of the Connor Pass was fantastic. I revelled in the welcome and chatting to people I know and love; so surreal to nearly be home! ¬†Chatting and laughing with people I hadn’t seen for years was brilliant!

When we reached Tom Crean’s brewery for the reception it was time for a pint and a sandwich. I sat next to a massive plate of sandwiches and I ate and ate, just in case it might be my last meal or something. I felt empty even though I had only had lunch about 2 hours before.

The people dispersed and myself and Beth walked the last 2 miles home to Ballintaggart. After all I had set off from my front door in Levenshulme over 4 weeks beforehand; there was one final front door to reach.

I slowly gave in to tiredness as I began to let go of the focus which kept me going all the way; that drive to keep going and stick to the goal was no longer needed. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…….

This morning we planted a chestnut tree in memory of Aoife and the walk I completed in her honour and memory.

What a beautiful thing life can be.

Think I’ll go for a little walk…



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  • Conor says:

    Enjoy the weekend after that adventure. The weather is fantastic. Fair play to you.

  • Congratulations Alan, well done on reaching Dingle! Enjoy time with your lovely family in the sunshine and have a good rest! We look forward to celebrating on your return to Manchester…champagne is on ice, plus a surprise gift awaits. Sincere thanks for being such a hero, going above and beyond to support us in memory of Aoife. It means so much. With love from everyone at Manchester Mind x

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